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If you’re in a difficult financial situation, you might need money urgently. With our auto title loans, car owners can apply for a loan without the hassle of going through a credit check. This means you can have the flexibility of the extra cash, while continuing to use the vehicle are normal.

We ask that you own your vehicle outright, and that you have a regular income. If you can tick these boxes, you could be able to generate that much-needed loan. What’s more, a title loan usually involves lower interest rates than a cash advance, which is great news for your wallet.

Your application

Our online application process is straightforward, and doesn’t involve a credit check. For many people who have bad credit, this is a relief. It means that even though other lenders have turned you down, an auto title loan with us is still a possibility.

We have two eligibility requirements

1) that you have an income
2) that you fully own the car.

As you’d expect, we need to make sure you can pay the a loan back. You don’t necessarily have to be in full-time employment; people on benefits or who are unemployed are sometimes still eligible. However, if you are still paying off your vehicle, you are not eligible for a loan.

Telephone call

After you have applied online, one of our representatives will give you a call to discuss the loan before approving it. This is a great opportunity to ask questions of our knowledgeable staff, who will be able to give you the information you need. Instead of posting out the forms, we’ll present you the forms to fill out there and then, online. You’ll be asked to review the details and sign the form. This documentation will advise you on information late fees and interest on your loan.

The entire title loan application takes place online – you never have to leave the house, or find a fax machine.

Send us your Title

After the application is complete and has been approved, we’ll come and view the vehicle at your home. One of our representatives will take photographs of the vehicle and collect the title documents from you. The great thing is that you can continue to use the vehicle during the course of the loan – just like before.

Receive your cash

When we have received the title of your vehicle, and your loan has been approved, we’ll transfer the cash to you an account of your choice. Please bear in mind that the value of the loan will depend on how much your vehicle is worth – the higher the vehicle value, the greater the loan we are able to approve.
The entire process can take as little time as 24 hours. This depends on how quickly you submit the application documents, discuss the loan with our colleague, and when we are able to send a representative to your home to collect the title and take the photos.

In terms of paying back the loan, it usually depends on your pay day – when it falls, and how often you are paid. The terms and conditions of the loan, and your repayment schedule, are laid out in the policy documents that you get when you sign the online paperwork.

In general, our online auto title loans offer a lower rate of interest than other payday-style loans. This is because we are secured against your vehicle, in the event you are unable to repay the loans.
This also means we don’t credit-check applicants. Even if your house has been repossessed in the past, or you have declared bankruptcy, it won’t affect your chances of getting a loan. That’s why an online auto title loan is a simple and straightforward solution to your financial needs.

  • Renewals

    If you already have recently finished paying off a payday loan, you might have to wait a short time before applying for a renewal. It takes us 5-6 days to confirm that you have repaid your loan to the terms of the agreement. In this time period, your account will be locked, and you won’t be able to log in.

  • Payments

    To pay back your loan, you will need to send us a payment request. We will need to receive this before 5pm EST one business day before the loan due date.

  • Increasing your loan

    If you have a loan, and want to increase the amount you’ve borrowed, you’ll need to get in touch with us. By increasing your loan, rather than applying for a new one, you can save time and paperwork.